Week 18 Now


Forgetting yesterday neither will I think of tomorrow. Why should I throw now after maybe? Can tomorrow’s sand flow through the glass before today’s? Will the sun rise twice this morning? Can I perform tomorrow’s deeds while standing in today’s path? Can I place tomorrow’s gold in today’s purse? Can tomorrow’s child be born today? Can tomorrow’s death cast its shadow backward and darken today’s joy? Should I concern myself over events, which I may never witness? Should I torment myself with problems that may never come to pass? No! Tomorrow lies buried with yesterday, and I will think of it no more. 

Og Mandino     The Greatest Salesman in the World

As I read the words above I was shocked into an awareness.  I suddenly saw things in a new light.  Now, maybe it’s because I had had an emotional day and my mind was working overtime or maybe it’s just because my mind was WORKING!


Things that you have heard before, things that you’ve always known can suddenly and without warning take on a new meaning.  Your mind finds a whole new way of looking at things.  Usually, it’s because, believe it or not, you are experiencing a whole new level of clarity.  You may not realize it but you are tapping into that Universal Mind that Haanel speaks of in the Master Keys.  It’s quite amazing.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying:

Yesterday’s the past.  Tomorrow is the future, but today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.

I know I heard it for years.  Let’s be honest, perhaps I heard it for decades.

YUP, I’m that OLD!

But it never really resonated with me until I read it in the form above.  It all made sense.  I mean it really made sense on the very deepest of levels.  I’ve constantly, in the past, worried about what happened yesterday.  I had overanalyzed how I interacted with people.  I thought about what I had said…almost fretted over it.  I worried about what others thought about what I may have done or said yesterday.  I mean I worried to the point of ridiculousness.  Most likely, most people never even thought twice.  I know I don’t dwell on what others say to me for too long.    I’ve got my own life to live.  So, why did I give so much time to worrying about others reactions past?

The answer, coincidently, probably lies in the past.  I’d been raised to not rock the boat.  I avoided confrontation and anticipated others reactions to keep myself safe.  This has carried itself into my adult life.  I’ve made a habit out of putting others first.  I’ve made a habit out of not doing things that I need, want or value out of fear of others reactions that are close to me.

Truth be told.  I haven’t been living.  I’ve been existing.  I’ve been enduring.  I’ve been tolerating.  And they say you get out of life what you tolerate.  Well, I’m done tolerating!  I’m done existing.  I’m done enduring.  I’ve nothing to prove to anyone else by doing so.  I’ve only hurt myself by denying the real me.

I’m still discovering myself.  But by learning more things about what I don’t want I am uncovering the real me and what I really want.

A few more chunks of concrete gone.  A good amount to go.  But the process has begun.  I have the Master Key course and Mark J and Davene to thank for it.    Thank you!

I’m trying not to cry but the tears are flowing because it is emotional.  To find out just a bit more of who you are and realize that hey, WOW, I am pretty special.  I am worthy!  I do matter!  It hits you deep.  It hits you hard!  But it’s a sweet feeling.

I’m blessed to have lived another day.  I’m blessed to witness another sunrise, another giggle from my children, the beauty in the sky and the landscape, the wind on my face, the wonder in the ocean, the colors of the sunset and the awesomeness of the stars at night.

This life is wonderful!  This life is precious!  This life is a Gift!

Today is the greatest gift of all.

“Yesterday is buried forever and I will think of it no more”                                                                                “This day is all I have and these hours are now my eternity.”

Og Mandino     The Greatest Salesman in the World


I believe in the wonder of NOW!

Experience it for yourself!




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