Week 19 Fear


Here we are another week has passed and I’m here blogging again…

Still can’t believe I’m blogging.  Sharing my thoughts.  Putting all this out there for anyone to read.  Putting this out there for you to read. You’ve stumbled across this blog somehow. Welcome!

Deep Breath!

But Here I am!  I’ve been blessed with another day.  So glad for that because I have a lot of stuff to figure out, work through, concrete to chip off!

I’m excited to be continuing this process, this quest, this journey.  I know the beginning of this post started out kind of humdrum and quite boring and seemed as though my heart wasn’t in it.  But, OH  MY HEART is ALL the way in it!

I have felt the energy building all week.  This week more than more recent weeks.  Something big is brewing.  I don’t know what exactly is coming.  I know the ultimate end goals but I don’t have to know every step of the journey along the way.  That’s the beauty of the Master Key!  We just have to believe that it will happen.  Now it does take more than that…we have to work, focus, concentrate, feed our mind and think.  But once you get used to doing that it’s tough to go back and subsist in your old blueprint.

The Fear of the unknown isn’t my companion anymore.  I was afraid to blog.  I had never done it.  I was afraid to make the commitment to this course.  I wanted to but I was afraid it was going to be a lot of work.  Not just actual reading and writing but thinking work!  Work on me.  Working on my thoughts.  That can be pretty fearful.

Now the excitement in what will be is my companion! I go around telling myself I’m so excited all the time.  Well, I don’t really tell myself because that would sound like I don’t believe it.  I more than believe it if that’s possible.  I actually share the excitement with myself constantly.  I’m pretty excited just writing this. Hard to share that but I am!

If you fear the unknown it’s probably because you haven’t been concentrating on what you want.  You’ve been focusing on the wrong thing.  FEAR is WORRY.  WORRY is useless.  It steals your today and darkens your tomorrow.  It takes away the present so its no longer a GIFT.  You can’t let FEAR control you.    You have to focus on the GREATNESS in YOU, THE AWE in the world.  When you focus on that it’s impossible to feel fear.  SMILE…you can’t be full of FEAR and smile…it just isn’t possible.   Do something to combat your FEAR.  FEAR is only possible up to a certain point.  It’s like tomorrow ..after you get to it it doesn’t exist anymore.  It turns into something else called the PRESENT.

A little while ago I was trying to come up with a new acronym for FEAR.  None of the one’s I have seen seemed to work for me.  I tossed some ideas around in my head and out popped this one:

                          Faith energizes, Action re-energizes.

What do you think?

I find that when you have faith you can’t be fearful.  Having faith energizes you.  Acting on that faith re-energizes you.  If you just had faith and acted on that faith you might see that FEAR just poof!   DISAPPEARS!

It has for me!  I can’t wait for what is coming!  I know part of what I am so excited about is watching the rest of the concrete chip off me and revealing the real me that I’ve buried for so long.  The me that I have denied for so long.  The me that has always come last because I let it.

Do you let you come last?  The real you?  Do you bury it?  Do you long for things you can’t explain?  Do you live your life or do you just endure?  You were meant for more than that.  I know I was meant for more than that.

The Universe has bigger things in store for me.  I’m up for the challenge.  I’m up for the work it will take to get there.

Are you ready?

FEAR no more!

Watch out world!   Here I come…

My Journey continues…the self-discovery widens.

Stay tuned…


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