Week 20 The Star of the Show


I just found out some interesting information that I never gave any thought to before.  Maybe you never did though either.  I was listening to the radio today and heard a song I’ve heard, most likely, 100 times before.  And today it took on meaning.  It wasn’t just words and a catchy tune.  It became more this time.

It’s funny how perspective can change in a blink of an eye and then you can’t remember what your old perspective was.  Once my mind was clued into this new thought, this new idea, this honest truth I couldn’t stop thinking and applying it to what I had believed to be true.  Suddenly, it dawned on me.  Like the words of the song say:

“….you don’t even know
That you are, you are, you are the star of the show”

—Thomas Rhett

Funny thing is…I didn’t know.  Those words finally hit some magical center of my brain or my being and took on meaning.  I had no idea that I was the STAR of my own show.  Oh, I guess I had clues because you hear it all the time.

Your life is what you make  it.

You choose how you react to situations.

You have to love yourself.

You can’t please everyone so you’ve got to please yourself…I think that one is from another song…OOOH thank you Google!  Ricky Nelson  Garden Party that’s where that one came from.  Sorry, I digress.

I have been living as though I needed to make everyone else’s story nice, happy, sweet or as they wanted.  I haven’t been living for me.  I have been “living” my life trying not to upset other people.  Trying to anticipate what would upset them and making sure that didn’t happen.  As I result I stopped writing my own story.  I wasn’t even a supporting “actor” in their story.  I was playing a minor role in their story.  I was one step above the cutting room floor.

Now I know it’s my show and I’m the STAR!

Did you know that you are the author of your story?  You are the STAR of your show.

So let me ask you a question:  Would others be bored if they were watching your life as if it were a show?  Would they tune out?  Would the ratings be nil?  Would the show be canceled?  Would the writers be forced to change the story line?

Do you really want the story of your life to be as it is now?  You have the ability to make the show anything you want.  You are the STAR of the show.  It’s your show.  You write it.  Sure things go on around you.  There are other characters and situations that involve you.  But you are the STAR of your show.  You have the ability to write the story.  You can change the story line.  You can reinvent the main character…YOU!  You hold the pen.  You control the spotlight.

I was pretty amazed when I started to think of all the possibilities.  You can write characters out of your show that just don’t cut it.  Bad viewer feedback on toxic people in your life…write them out of your story.  Finding yourself feeling overwhelmed with situations and events…write yourself a vacation, take your story to an exotic location…it doesn’t have to be a physical vacation or location.  Take your sit and imagine the ideal location for you, the ideal events, smells, sights, feelings. It can be all yours.  You are the STAR of the show.  The STAR always has say in the outcome.

Big STARS carry the show.  You are the BIG STAR of your show.  Nobody can live your life for you.  Nobody can change your life for you.  You have to take charge.  Have you been letting your light dim?   Well, dust that bulb off and shine bright!  You’ve got millions more hours left in you.  Don’t let the light go out before you finish writing your story, before living your show!

I will remember this forever.  I will start living this way.  I am the STAR!  I deserve the best! I am WORTHY!  And, so are you!  Your story needs a STAR.  Don’t let someone else be the STAR of your show!  Remember there is

“No better you than the you that you are!”

Alessia Cara – 

Nobody does you better than YOU!  Nobody does me better than ME!

Let’s go be the STAR of our own shows.

Others will think its worth watching!

Go on!

Do it!


10 thoughts on “Week 20 The Star of the Show

  1. Love this! And love your writing star. For some reason when you started talking about Big Stars I had a song come to mind by Peter Gabriel, but it wasn’t big stars it was Big Time! Still great lyrics: “Big time …I’m on my way-I’m making it” Yep! I’m the star of my own show!

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  2. Great blog Denise. Everyone is the star of their own show yet most do not think in that manner. I love the thought of writing a vacation in an exotic location into my own show. Thanks for planting such a great seed!!


  3. Denise, this blog is great. It’s my favorite of all that you have written. I actually did write vacations in my DMP and they’re starting to happen. It works!
    The thing about the songs……where you are hearing them from a different perspective…….isn’t that the coolest?
    I’m making myself go re-watch movies and re-reading books too.

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  4. Fantastic post, Denise! Throughout, I was thinking “”But I AM a star!” and then I recognized I was starring in an off-off-off-off-Broadway play in a dinky, musty club very few knew about when I should be wowing the world from the Big Stage! Thanks for the slap on the back of my head!

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  5. Yes! These are some very thought and action provoking thoughts! Thank you for the inspiration to be the STAR of my own show. I can also relate to your thoughts as one who is learning that I will better serve others by living my own very best story script.

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