Week 21 Land of Confusion 



Where to begin this week?

OMG…it’s been a week of tears as lots of truths become evident.  My head is spinning and I’m not sure which way is up.

It’s been an emotional week.  I didn’t expect this.  I didn’t plan it.  It has been a bit overwhelming.   I’m coming through but it’s going to be a process.  It’s going to be a big part of my journey.

You can’t control what always happens to you at all times but you can control how you REACT!  I know this yet I am using the emotions to get to a deeper understanding of myself…of my life.

We talked this week about using tools.  My emotions have been my tools this week…I’ve got a huge toolbox full of them and I’ve been pulling out ones I haven’t used in FOREVER.  I’ve been happy, sad, angry, overwhelmed, elated, pained, resentful, depressed, shocked, dismayed, mournful, etc.

Just when you think that this whole Master key Experience is a done deal. A piece of cake, in the bag WHAM!  More stuff starts going on with you.  With your brain.  The subby is commanded by the conscious so that the conscious can eventually let subby take over.  I feel like there is a bit of a power struggle going on with the two right  now.  The Old Blueprint is fighting the DMP and I’m trying to keep the progress going forward.

I’m not worried about which will win because in the end I win.  As I continue to do the work things will sort themselves out in the right in one with the Universal Mind.   It’s about the Journey and its a helluva ride.  Whoa! I’m holdin’ on!

However, that being said I feel as if I’m in the Land of Confusion right now, though.


For those of you that are my age you might remember the song by Genesis from the 80s.  I’ve got that tune on my head as I try to sort out the mess.  I’m not actively trying to sort things I’m using my sit and letting the subby work things out.  But it’s going to take time.  The Truth will become apparent.  I’ll be the me I was supposed to be.   It’s a given.  It’s coming.  Sometimes it’s hard to wait, hard to trust in the process. Yet I trust.  I trust in the Truth.

I’ve been questioning my DMP. Does my Definite Major Propose reflect the Truth of what I really want?  Am I daydreaming, wishing, or manifesting? Has it been tainted or limited by what I think might be possible or does it reflect my true heart’s desire? Am I in tune with the Universal Mind? These emotions that are hurtling through me are going to help me bring Truth to light.  I know it!  

Through the Rollercoaster ride this week  I’ve held on and continued doing the work.   It’s been extremely difficult with the range of emotions this week but I have persevered.  And I’ve felt better as I’m doing the work.   It’s given me something to take my mind off of what I’m going through and focus on growth and coming through this journey on a side that will help me live my life more in Truth with me!

I continue the journey and look forward to the rest of the experience.

Come along.




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