Week 22 Anger and Patience


Whether I set out to do it or not this week has brought me to an exercise in PATIENCE!

Funny how you get what you need.

We’ve all heard the sayings:

Patience is a virtue.

All in good time.

Horace (65-8 BC)

At the bottom of patience one finds heaven.

Kanuri (West African) (on patience)

Good things come to those who wait.

Haste makes waste.

One step at a time.

There are so many of these little sayings.  In short you need to be patient.  That doesn’t mean sit around and wait for stuff.   It means put in the work, keep the right frame of mind and the right things will happen.

Again, it’s been a fun, and by that I mean interesting, trying, up and down,  week .  I’ve been presented numerous times with the option to give in to my old blueprint and react in anger.  I’ve done it a couple times but I have recovered quickly.  I’m not perfect, I’m a work in progess. Some of the cement is a bit harder to remove to reveal my true self but it’s happening.  Progress is good and I’m headed in the right direction for me.

So while I’ve been presented with things that try my patience this week I’ve been able to use patience as a tool to curb my anger.  It’s actually quite freeing.  Knowing that I can choose to be patient instead of angry.  I can choose to experience patience instead of wallowing in anger.  I’m really glad I have this course to help me work on my self as I go through this Journey.  Mark and Davene said this type of experience would happen and I couldn’t understand how.  But being a part of this course puts you in the right frame of mind to work stuff out in your head.  It’s amazing, emotionally challenging and freeing all at the same time.

I choose to continue the journey.   I choose to be the heroine of my own story.  I choose.

You choose too.  Did you know that?

Good or bad.  Happy or sad.  You choose.  

Want to know how you can change your life for the better, how you can be the you that’s waiting to be?  Join this course the next time it comes up.  Experience the Master key for yourself.  You deserve it.  You are worth it.

Do it NOW!





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