Week 24 Journey On


Twenty Four weeks…!  Holy Cow!  That’s some bit of time!  I’ve been working the Master Keys for 24 weeks now.  It’s been long.  It’s been hard!  It’s been rewarding and confusing, exciting and frustrating!  Such a bevy of emotions.  Yet each one of them worth it.  I’m by no means finished with this Journey.  I know the actual guided lessons are ending but the real work begins now.  What can I continue on my own?  What more can I accomplish?  What more of me is there yet to discover?

The answer?!  A LOT!  A WHOLE LOT!  I’ve only just begun!  I know that!  I accept that even!  Actually, I’m glad I’ve only just begun because I know I’ve come far but I also recognize that there is still so much farther for me to go.  I’m not overwhelmed with that idea.  I relish the Journey in a good way.  It’s not like I think that I’ll never get there.  Because I know that I will.  I get glimpses of the final me and she is in there.  She’s a bit frightened and timid to come out.  But she’s getting closer everyday.  I’m proud and excited by what I’ve been able to accomplish so far but I’m even more excited for the work ahead.

A ton of stuff has happened around me over these 24 weeks.  I’m glad I’ve had this course to keep me busy and keep me focused on figuring out what I really want because it’s easy to get SUCKED into the drama that goes on around you and easy to lose sight of what you want.  I’ve been “forced” to think about what I want on a daily basis and I’m glad to have had that at this time in my life.  So many people get caught up in the little stuff that goes on in life and it makes them lose sight of what they truly wanted in life, of what they were truly capable of getting out of or putting into life.  I know.  I can speak from experience.  Before you know it ten years have gone by and you look back and realize that you’ve been going through the motions for a DECADE.

Are you kidding me?  Are you one of those people?  Don’t despair.  You can change. The first step is awareness.  And if you’ve just become aware then GOOD for you!  Go back to my first blog from week one and begin reading.  Go find out what this Master Key  system is all about.  You’ll love it.

Today, I was driving in the car, (if you’ve been following me you’ll realize I get a lot of thought done in the car), and I heard an old song by the BEE GEES and it made me think:

How Deep is your Love

‘Cause we’re living in a world of fools
Breaking us down when they all should let us be

This is a love song…but I thought about how it can be a love song about yourself…you and the real you…the you that you long to be.  Why is it that people see other people doing well or working on being a better person and they want to bring you down?  Why is that?  It’s like society wants everyone to be miserable.  I don’t want to be miserable! I have been miserable.  And I have bouts with misery daily right now, but I don’t plan on wallowing in the misery like a pig in mud.  I want and strive for the dry dirt on the other side.  I see it.  I can almost feel it.  I know I can get to it…and I Will.

Right now I am on this Journey to become the Hero in my own life.  This is a Journey that most of us are faced with in life.  Many are unaware that it has been placed before them.  Many choose not to begin the journey and just stare at it like a ship leaving shore without them.  I’m not standing on the shore staring at a ship that’s left without me.  I’m on the ship, I’m making the journey.  At times I get caught in storms and get tossed about, up and down and swirling around.  It gets tough at times and sometimes the wind drops out of my sails and I wallow and float in a standstill of time…searching for understanding and deeper meaning, looking for the answers to questions that I hold deep in my soul.  And then as understanding comes….the breeze picks up and the wind fills my sails and I’m off again to the next leg of the journey, seeking to learn more during the next leg of the Journey.

I’m not sure how long this Journey will last or if it will ever end.  I can’t even begin to explain to you what this course has done for me.  Putting an experience like this into words can never do it justice.  I do know that I learn so much more everyday.  I understand so much more everyday and I long to share it with you all.  I’m getting to know the real me…she comes and goes in bits and pieces right now and sometimes she doesn’t stay long.  But soon she’ll trust me enough to come out of hiding and into the light…and maybe then she’ll even realize that she was the light all along and that so many have been waiting to see the beauty of her soul and let the shine in their lives.

If you see her, be kind, be gentle.  Let her know it’s ok…she longs to hear from you and to shut the door on darkness forever.

Soon she will shine on…

Watch your eyes!


5 thoughts on “Week 24 Journey On

  1. I think that you put a lot into words for myself! and I cannot thank you enough. This was all so beautifully put.
    I admire your vulnerability greatly and the ship on its journey out at sea analogy is one that captured me completely. I can relate with that closely!!
    Cheers to a ever deepening appreciation for the journey and this alliance.


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