Week 25 On my Own


So we have come to the point in this Journey where we have been set free like a little bird to fly from the nest.  We have been given the tools, the tips and the knowledge to take it from here.

The question is:  Will we take it from here?  I know I will.  It will be difficult holding my feet to the fire and making sure that I complete my daily tasks knowing that nobody is “watching.”  It can get easy to slack off when you are on the “honor” system.  But I won’t let that happen.

We’ve all done it before though.  We say: “Of course I did my work.  Of course I studied.  Of course I’m still doing my sits.”  Well, I must tell you the biggest thing you can do is to look into that mirror every night and talk to the Guy or the Gal in the Glass and really tell them the truth.  Because they know already.  They can read you.  They can feel you.  You cannot fool them.  And when you are able to tell the Guy or the Gal in the Glass the truth you’ll feel so much better.

I love that we are beginning a new scroll.  They each seem to come at the appropriate time in my Journey.  The first few days the scroll is confusing and awkward but as the month progresses it gets more familiar and then easy and then insightful.  I really enjoy reading them.  They help to put things into perspective and give an understanding of what is truly important in life.

I’m still working on my service cards and doing my Affirmations and being grateful and thankful.  My Blueprint and DMP are still in place and I recite them daily as directed.  It’s like good medicine.  You can’t quit before the benefits kick in.  This type of “medicine” takes a long time to get the full benefits and I plan to keep on keeping on.

I will miss the weekly webinars and the guidance.  I will miss the accountability and I will miss the comradery that we shared in the members area.  We will still be able to engage but I know the number of participants that will continue on this on their own will decline.  It’s ok, though.  They have to do what works for them and continue on their own Journey.  Each of our Journeys are separate and different but no less important than any other’s.  I’m so glad that I found this course and have been able to keep up with it.  It was difficult at times with all that was going on in my life.  It will be difficult still.  But I have a deeper commitment to myself and know that I deserve to get to the other side.  I deserve to meet the girl that’s been in there buried for so long.  I get glimpses of her now and then but she’s is still soooooo very timid.  I’ll continue to try to coax her out and get her to see that this is where she belongs.  She belongs out in the open.  She deserves to live.  Deep down she doesn’t want to hide anymore.  I know that.  She knows that.  Soon enough she will have all the courage she needs to just BE!

Being able to BE is one of the most difficult things for people to do.  Well, at least in my experience.  In everything that has shaped me I’ve been told to bury me and not to BE.  But this course has shown me that that is exactly the opposite of what I should be doing.  So for 25 weeks I’ve been chipping away at the cement that encompasses me and have been learning to BE.  It’s a daily process and the cement is so THICK but each day it gets just a little thinner.

Each day I get a little closer to the Me I long to BE.  The Me that can just BE.

See you next week.


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