Week 20 The Star of the Show


I just found out some interesting information that I never gave any thought to before.  Maybe you never did though either.  I was listening to the radio today and heard a song I’ve heard, most likely, 100 times before.  And today it took on meaning.  It wasn’t just words and a catchy tune.  It became more this time.

It’s funny how perspective can change in a blink of an eye and then you can’t remember what your old perspective was.  Once my mind was clued into this new thought, this new idea, this honest truth I couldn’t stop thinking and applying it to what I had believed to be true.  Suddenly, it dawned on me.  Like the words of the song say:

“….you don’t even know
That you are, you are, you are the star of the show”

—Thomas Rhett

Funny thing is…I didn’t know.  Those words finally hit some magical center of my brain or my being and took on meaning.  I had no idea that I was the STAR of my own show.  Oh, I guess I had clues because you hear it all the time.

Your life is what you make  it.

You choose how you react to situations.

You have to love yourself.

You can’t please everyone so you’ve got to please yourself…I think that one is from another song…OOOH thank you Google!  Ricky Nelson  Garden Party that’s where that one came from.  Sorry, I digress.

I have been living as though I needed to make everyone else’s story nice, happy, sweet or as they wanted.  I haven’t been living for me.  I have been “living” my life trying not to upset other people.  Trying to anticipate what would upset them and making sure that didn’t happen.  As I result I stopped writing my own story.  I wasn’t even a supporting “actor” in their story.  I was playing a minor role in their story.  I was one step above the cutting room floor.

Now I know it’s my show and I’m the STAR!

Did you know that you are the author of your story?  You are the STAR of your show.

So let me ask you a question:  Would others be bored if they were watching your life as if it were a show?  Would they tune out?  Would the ratings be nil?  Would the show be canceled?  Would the writers be forced to change the story line?

Do you really want the story of your life to be as it is now?  You have the ability to make the show anything you want.  You are the STAR of the show.  It’s your show.  You write it.  Sure things go on around you.  There are other characters and situations that involve you.  But you are the STAR of your show.  You have the ability to write the story.  You can change the story line.  You can reinvent the main character…YOU!  You hold the pen.  You control the spotlight.

I was pretty amazed when I started to think of all the possibilities.  You can write characters out of your show that just don’t cut it.  Bad viewer feedback on toxic people in your life…write them out of your story.  Finding yourself feeling overwhelmed with situations and events…write yourself a vacation, take your story to an exotic location…it doesn’t have to be a physical vacation or location.  Take your sit and imagine the ideal location for you, the ideal events, smells, sights, feelings. It can be all yours.  You are the STAR of the show.  The STAR always has say in the outcome.

Big STARS carry the show.  You are the BIG STAR of your show.  Nobody can live your life for you.  Nobody can change your life for you.  You have to take charge.  Have you been letting your light dim?   Well, dust that bulb off and shine bright!  You’ve got millions more hours left in you.  Don’t let the light go out before you finish writing your story, before living your show!

I will remember this forever.  I will start living this way.  I am the STAR!  I deserve the best! I am WORTHY!  And, so are you!  Your story needs a STAR.  Don’t let someone else be the STAR of your show!  Remember there is

“No better you than the you that you are!”

Alessia Cara – 

Nobody does you better than YOU!  Nobody does me better than ME!

Let’s go be the STAR of our own shows.

Others will think its worth watching!

Go on!

Do it!


Week 19 Fear


Here we are another week has passed and I’m here blogging again…

Still can’t believe I’m blogging.  Sharing my thoughts.  Putting all this out there for anyone to read.  Putting this out there for you to read. You’ve stumbled across this blog somehow. Welcome!

Deep Breath!

But Here I am!  I’ve been blessed with another day.  So glad for that because I have a lot of stuff to figure out, work through, concrete to chip off!

I’m excited to be continuing this process, this quest, this journey.  I know the beginning of this post started out kind of humdrum and quite boring and seemed as though my heart wasn’t in it.  But, OH  MY HEART is ALL the way in it!

I have felt the energy building all week.  This week more than more recent weeks.  Something big is brewing.  I don’t know what exactly is coming.  I know the ultimate end goals but I don’t have to know every step of the journey along the way.  That’s the beauty of the Master Key!  We just have to believe that it will happen.  Now it does take more than that…we have to work, focus, concentrate, feed our mind and think.  But once you get used to doing that it’s tough to go back and subsist in your old blueprint.

The Fear of the unknown isn’t my companion anymore.  I was afraid to blog.  I had never done it.  I was afraid to make the commitment to this course.  I wanted to but I was afraid it was going to be a lot of work.  Not just actual reading and writing but thinking work!  Work on me.  Working on my thoughts.  That can be pretty fearful.

Now the excitement in what will be is my companion! I go around telling myself I’m so excited all the time.  Well, I don’t really tell myself because that would sound like I don’t believe it.  I more than believe it if that’s possible.  I actually share the excitement with myself constantly.  I’m pretty excited just writing this. Hard to share that but I am!

If you fear the unknown it’s probably because you haven’t been concentrating on what you want.  You’ve been focusing on the wrong thing.  FEAR is WORRY.  WORRY is useless.  It steals your today and darkens your tomorrow.  It takes away the present so its no longer a GIFT.  You can’t let FEAR control you.    You have to focus on the GREATNESS in YOU, THE AWE in the world.  When you focus on that it’s impossible to feel fear.  SMILE…you can’t be full of FEAR and smile…it just isn’t possible.   Do something to combat your FEAR.  FEAR is only possible up to a certain point.  It’s like tomorrow ..after you get to it it doesn’t exist anymore.  It turns into something else called the PRESENT.

A little while ago I was trying to come up with a new acronym for FEAR.  None of the one’s I have seen seemed to work for me.  I tossed some ideas around in my head and out popped this one:

                          Faith energizes, Action re-energizes.

What do you think?

I find that when you have faith you can’t be fearful.  Having faith energizes you.  Acting on that faith re-energizes you.  If you just had faith and acted on that faith you might see that FEAR just poof!   DISAPPEARS!

It has for me!  I can’t wait for what is coming!  I know part of what I am so excited about is watching the rest of the concrete chip off me and revealing the real me that I’ve buried for so long.  The me that I have denied for so long.  The me that has always come last because I let it.

Do you let you come last?  The real you?  Do you bury it?  Do you long for things you can’t explain?  Do you live your life or do you just endure?  You were meant for more than that.  I know I was meant for more than that.

The Universe has bigger things in store for me.  I’m up for the challenge.  I’m up for the work it will take to get there.

Are you ready?

FEAR no more!

Watch out world!   Here I come…

My Journey continues…the self-discovery widens.

Stay tuned…

Week 18 Now


Forgetting yesterday neither will I think of tomorrow. Why should I throw now after maybe? Can tomorrow’s sand flow through the glass before today’s? Will the sun rise twice this morning? Can I perform tomorrow’s deeds while standing in today’s path? Can I place tomorrow’s gold in today’s purse? Can tomorrow’s child be born today? Can tomorrow’s death cast its shadow backward and darken today’s joy? Should I concern myself over events, which I may never witness? Should I torment myself with problems that may never come to pass? No! Tomorrow lies buried with yesterday, and I will think of it no more. 

Og Mandino     The Greatest Salesman in the World

As I read the words above I was shocked into an awareness.  I suddenly saw things in a new light.  Now, maybe it’s because I had had an emotional day and my mind was working overtime or maybe it’s just because my mind was WORKING!


Things that you have heard before, things that you’ve always known can suddenly and without warning take on a new meaning.  Your mind finds a whole new way of looking at things.  Usually, it’s because, believe it or not, you are experiencing a whole new level of clarity.  You may not realize it but you are tapping into that Universal Mind that Haanel speaks of in the Master Keys.  It’s quite amazing.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying:

Yesterday’s the past.  Tomorrow is the future, but today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.

I know I heard it for years.  Let’s be honest, perhaps I heard it for decades.

YUP, I’m that OLD!

But it never really resonated with me until I read it in the form above.  It all made sense.  I mean it really made sense on the very deepest of levels.  I’ve constantly, in the past, worried about what happened yesterday.  I had overanalyzed how I interacted with people.  I thought about what I had said…almost fretted over it.  I worried about what others thought about what I may have done or said yesterday.  I mean I worried to the point of ridiculousness.  Most likely, most people never even thought twice.  I know I don’t dwell on what others say to me for too long.    I’ve got my own life to live.  So, why did I give so much time to worrying about others reactions past?

The answer, coincidently, probably lies in the past.  I’d been raised to not rock the boat.  I avoided confrontation and anticipated others reactions to keep myself safe.  This has carried itself into my adult life.  I’ve made a habit out of putting others first.  I’ve made a habit out of not doing things that I need, want or value out of fear of others reactions that are close to me.

Truth be told.  I haven’t been living.  I’ve been existing.  I’ve been enduring.  I’ve been tolerating.  And they say you get out of life what you tolerate.  Well, I’m done tolerating!  I’m done existing.  I’m done enduring.  I’ve nothing to prove to anyone else by doing so.  I’ve only hurt myself by denying the real me.

I’m still discovering myself.  But by learning more things about what I don’t want I am uncovering the real me and what I really want.

A few more chunks of concrete gone.  A good amount to go.  But the process has begun.  I have the Master Key course and Mark J and Davene to thank for it.    Thank you!

I’m trying not to cry but the tears are flowing because it is emotional.  To find out just a bit more of who you are and realize that hey, WOW, I am pretty special.  I am worthy!  I do matter!  It hits you deep.  It hits you hard!  But it’s a sweet feeling.

I’m blessed to have lived another day.  I’m blessed to witness another sunrise, another giggle from my children, the beauty in the sky and the landscape, the wind on my face, the wonder in the ocean, the colors of the sunset and the awesomeness of the stars at night.

This life is wonderful!  This life is precious!  This life is a Gift!

Today is the greatest gift of all.

“Yesterday is buried forever and I will think of it no more”                                                                                “This day is all I have and these hours are now my eternity.”

Og Mandino     The Greatest Salesman in the World


I believe in the wonder of NOW!

Experience it for yourself!



Week 17A Begin


Still on this journey…

It’s been fun, hard, scary, obnoxious, awesome, time consuming, fulfilling, confusing, enlightening and I could go on and on.  The gamut of emotions is part of the experience.

Yet, at week 17A this is just the beginning.  We begin the true Hero’s Journey beginning now.  Again, I’m not sure what to expect.  Just when we get comfortable and start to think we got this…


Monkey Wrench!

It’s great though,  you don’t grow when you are comfortable.  And although this isn’t always comfortable it is an awesome experience.

I see signs everywhere now.  Things take on a new or double meaning.

I decided this week I wasn’t going to use a measuring tape anymore.  No more thermometers, no more comparing myself to others.  I’m just going to concentrate. on me.  Finding me, improving me, uncovering me…I’m in here somewhere.  The real me is here.  Bits of sunshine are making their way through the facade.

We’ve used this week to do a little review and revisiting of past lessons.  I’ve enjoyed having the time to review.  Having made progress since the original readings of past lessons I’m able to gleam just a bit more from the previous lessons.

The Hero’s Journey I am embarking on should be quite interesting.  I can’t wait to get real, dig deep and find out what’s under everything.  Who am I?  What am I doing?  What is my purpose?

Simple words.

Yet, amazingly, most people go through life never giving any of this any thought.  I’ve wondered my whole life.  Sought to understand.  Sought to figure things out.  Why do I do  the things I do?  What makes me think?  What makes me tick?

Do you wonder what makes you tick?  Do you ever contemplate just what it is you are doing here?  I would think you would if you found this blog.  You can’t be part of the masses out there stuck in a rut and endlessly repeating a “GroundHog Day” life without evaluation and improvement.  If you ever saw that movie you know it’s about getting it right.  About analyzing and improving.  Most people in the world just go about their day.  They are so caught up in the day to day activities of life that they never take time to think and to grow as a person.  Sure they learn new things but mostly just practical things…not often do they gain insight or even perspective.  Most people form opinions early and never venture far from the path chosen as a young person.

I was never one of those people.  Sure I’ve gotten caught up in life and “let it happen to me.”  But I’ve also always known and searched and sought out more.  I’ve taken great time to think about life.  Time to think about me, my actions, my thoughts.  But I’ve never actually taken the time to learn about what really makes me tick.  What are my deepest desires?  What do I want out of life…and not just things.

I love being a part of this Master Key Experience.  It’s truly an enlightening experience.  Sharing it with all of you was difficult at first but I find as the weeks go on I enjoy sharing. I get to share within our MasterMind Alliance also.  Sharing my successes.  Celebrating others’ successes.  Knowing that we all have our own process and that we all struggle at times but we keep on the positive and growing path is encouraging.

Having a bad day?  I get to go in and learn from others.  Other people have experienced exactly the same thing.  I can relate, I can get past the little things.  I have a much bigger picture in mind.

Amazingly, I went to one of those little paint party things this week.  You know the type that you as a novice painter actually go to and then come back with your own “masterpiece.”    It was scary…we as a society have been so conditioned not to make mistakes.  It was hard to take a blank canvas and begin to make something with it.  As I went along though I realized that paint is pretty forgiving….you can’t erase but you can fix little slips along the way.  Slowly the painting gets better and it begins to resemble the example in the front of the room .

I realized that the most important step in the process was to BEGIN.

And you know what?  That’s the most important step in any process…BEGIN!

Week 17 Good Vibrations


We’ve all heard it said…

What you think about comes about!

What we think about grows.  What we forget atrophies.  The Law of Growth.

You are what you think.

The world without is a reflection of your world within.

“Whether you think you can or you can’t you are right.”  Henry Ford

The list goes on.

This week Haanel talks about,


“The vibrations of mental forces are the finest and

consequently the most powerful in existence.”  

Master Keys 17-2

These vibrations are the “pulses” that you put out from your being.  When you think positively and good thoughts like “pulses” are attracted to you.  When you think negatively and poor thoughts like “pulses” are also attracted to you.  If you want to attract good things you have to think about good things.  You must focus on what you want not on what you lack.  Think about where you want to be not where you are.

But thinking in and of itself is not enough.  Thinking isn’t what most people understand it to be.  Thinking is focus, concentrated effort.  It’s not fleeting, its’s not scattered.  It’s not haphazard and it’s not by accident.   Thinking is first done consciously.   When you are trying to understand something new or when you first begin to “think” you must do so in a purposeful manner.

Have you ever been talking to someone who is “off in another world?”  They don’t hear you or loud noises or sirens around them. Typically that is a person who is concentrating their thought on something else, whatever that may be.  It can be annoying if you thought you were having a conversation with that person.  But put yourself in the other person’s shoes.  Imagine having the focus and the discipline to tune out all else and to “think.”  Imagine what you could accomplish.

I’ve been able to think that deeply and I do think that deeply on many occasions.   As a matter of fact I do some of my best thinking in the car on long solo trips.  I discover some of my best revelations and deepest understandings of myself when I am driving.  Thank goodness my subconscious knows how to drive.

I’ve been working on concentrating my thinking this week on the things that I desire.  I’ve been trying to remember not to focus on the lack.  When life seems to be beating you up this can be hard but it comes back to the Law of Substitution.  When you think about something negative, “turn from it and think about something else instead.” This also comes back to the Law of Practice.  Most of life is about practice and the rest of it is about work.  Don’t envy those who look like they have it made.  They’ve just done the work and practiced already.  You can do the same.  Practice, practice, practice.  Whether it’s a physical or a mental exercise it comes down to practice.  And it must be good practice.  If you practice poorly you will perform poorly.  At first you may only be able to do something for 5 seconds but with practice and good form you can increase on that with each concerted effort.  “ease and perfection are gained by repetition.”  Master Key 17-13

Eventually thinking good thoughts will be subconscious and when this happens your whole life will change.  Nothing can derail you.  There will still be negative people that you will encounter but you won’t be brought down by them because you won’t be on that level. Your mind will be operating at a different frequency and will not be sucked into the negative vibe.  Your mind will recognize it as a mismatch and you may feel pity for the person or even empathy but you will not be brought down to that level.  That is if you’ve done the work.  If you’ve practiced and practiced properly.  This also something that you must continue to do.  An unworked muscle atrophies.  An unworked brain turns to mush, figuratively.

You can’t concentrate and think properly for a day or a week or a month and expect things to change for the better and stay that way.  You must do this constantly and consistently.  It’s like building muscle tone.  It takes about 3 weeks for you to see a change.  It takes about 8 weeks for others to see the change.  Stop training the muscle and in a few weeks it goes back to it’s original shape.  Your brain will do the same.  You must feed it good stuff.  You must consciously do this.  For best results this has to get into the synapses of the brain so that you learn to feed on good and not on negative.  As human beings we can’t help but notice negative.

Last week I was in a conversation with a friend and an acquaintance.  The conversation started out great and before I was aware of it the conversation started to take a downward turn.  It was on the verge of spiraling out of control into negative nougat.  I was vaguely aware that this was happening.  Suddenly, my friend got up and walked away leaving me with the acquaintance.  BOOM!  As I watched her go my brain registered the shift in the conversation and I gently excused myself.    I was getting sucked in because although, I have been working on this for months now, my brain has not quite put all of this together so that it is automatic.  My conscious is still necessary to recognize somethings that have not been wired all the way through to the subconscious yet.

So give it time.  But make the time.  Be faithful.  Be consistent.  Be focused.  Put out Good Vibrations.

And before long….

You’ll be the true you…the you that’s buried under all that cement that society has heaped upon you.


Week 16 Your Will


“Visualization must, of course, be directed by the will; we are to visualize exactly what we want”  Hannel 16-35

Will!   What do you will?  What do you desire?  Deep down!  What do you really want? this isn’t about what you hope for.  This isn’t about what you wish for!  It has to be more than that.  You have to consciously think so much, so often, so vividly that you are willing your deepest desires into being.

This means you must develop the right “mental attitude which will bring about the result desired”  Haanel 16-37

In the Master Key Experience we are constantly creating the conditions within so that we can meet them in the world without.  You’ve all heard, “What you think about comes about!”  It’s so very true.

This week I had a really tough week.  Dream Stealers Galore.  It was UNBELIEVABLE I tell you!  I let it get to me.  They almost took my dream.  I cried. I cried some more and then I thought….

Heck!   I’ll just cry myself a river and swim right out of this.   I needed to pull myself out of the downward slope I was on.  I needed to will myself out of it.  I started by repeating “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”   By the time I got to the word happy I realized I am happy.  Some tried to derail me and I almost let it happen.

Did you know that “you can be what you will to be?”   As a Master Key student we repeat this at least 20 times a day.  I’ve tried it any number of ways.  Stressing one word over others.  Stressing each word.  It’s amazing how many meanings this one sentence can have.  But the key for me is “will”.  I can will what I want my life to be.  I can will my emotional state.  I can will myself to do what will bring me to my deepest desires.

You’ve heard where there’s a will there’s a way.  It’s so very true.

What do you will?  Are you even aware of what you will?  Do you purposely will?  Or do you float through life taking things as they apparently “happen” to you?

Through the Master Key I am learning to exercise my power.  Learning to control my body, mind and soul.  I always knew on some level that I could but I never knew to what extent that was true.  I didn’t know how much of what I will that I actually was manifesting in my life.

I didn’t know that…

Anything I desire and hold in my mind, focus on and think of  could manifest itself into my conscious world.

I knew I could work hard for what I want but I didn’t know that by working towards and mentally focusing on , willing and manifesting what I want I could actually bring into being.

If you are thinking about all the bad stuff in the world and about how hard things are and how expensive things are then that is going to manifest itself in your life.  People wonder “Why me?  Why do bad things always happen to me?”

Well it could be because you are always thinking about what bad things could happen to you.  Maybe you dwell on the things others do to you or what doesn’t go right in your life.  We are all guilty of it at some point.  But if you want to manifest good things in your life you have to WILL them into being.

I continue to work on myself everyday.  I continue to get a little bit better every day.  We have been looking for Kindness this week and have been tasked with trying to find, witness or participate in 2 acts of kindness daily.  If you focus on the right things you start to see the right things.  It’s almost as if you will kindness into your life with this exercise.

Try it!  Look for kindness this week and write down at least 2 examples of it daily.  Review them before you go to bed.  Put something nice into that mind before you go to bed.  You never know, the next day could be just that much better.  Keep on it and eventually you may not even recognize your life.

It all starts with what you WILL



Week 15 Sever Stability


I think this is just about the half way mark.  Who would’ve thought the time would fly so fast?  It really has.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into…which is probably best.  I might have taken time to fret if I had known what was entailed and may have doubted my ability to do the work.  Without the knowledge of what the program entailed I was able to jump right in and ramp up slowly as the program progressed.

I am thoroughly enjoying the process.  Peeling off the layers, like one might peel an onion, of decades old thinking.  It’s nice to be able to rip down the old and build up the new, with the knowledge of how to do things right.  The knowledge!  It’s not always enough to have the knowledge.  That’s a big part of this program, this experience.  You have to apply the knowledge.  And I am.  I apply everyday.  It’s part of the day. Part of my everyday experience now.  It’s not all automatic but it’s becoming more so each and every day.

I am really enjoying the looking and linking that we are doing for shapes and their meaning to us.  This week we started the Franklin Makeover and this week I am focusing on Well Organized.  I’m noticing when I am well organized.  When I see well organized things.  I’m observing, noticing, celebrating things well organized.  I’ve organized the things well that I need to accomplish for the day.  I’ve organized a good dinner.  I’ve organized the laundry.  I’ve organized my workday.  I’ve had my pluses on this one.  I’m going to continue for the week and pick a new one next week.

Look!  I’m already organizing well for next week! LOL!

The other night I fell asleep before my last read of The Greatest Salesman and my DMP.  Well, my subconscious knew something wasn’t right because it promptly woke me up at midnight and all I could think about was getting in the last reads for the day… so I Did!

So what’s with this week’s title?  Well it’s about the subconscious.  It is so busy right now doing things to build up the real me.  So let me tell you a quick, short story.

I was driving my car which has 250,000 miles on it.  It has this little message center and for months now it has been flashing the words SERVICE STABILITY!  I read it every time I start the car up because of course it hasn’t been serviced yet.  Today when I looked down my brain saw SEVER STABILITY.  Not quite what was really there.  But it was what my brain showed me.

I had to laugh and then



It makes perfect sense.  If you want to grow…and I do! If you want to experience the MASTER KEY in the true way… You have to SEVER  your ties from STABILITY!  Sever the ties you had to everything you think that you know about yourself.  It’s funny how our brain plays tricks on us.  But in many cases if you’ll just pay attention the brain is just sending you a message.  Mine sure was.

It’s just like back in week 10 when I thought I saw “Get the Hair OFF your Dreams!”    (see week 10 post here).  My mind is telling me things.  Sending me messages.  Telling me things it knows but I am not consciously aware of.  So to make me aware it “reads” things wrongs to get me to think about what it is trying to tell me.  What I should know.  What I should do.  What I should remember.

I have SEVERed STABILITY since starting this course.  But I know I still have a few strands hanging and I need to make the final cuts so that I can make the most growth.  I’m doing it.  Those last strands are not very thick but they have a bit of hold.  They are weakening as the weeks roll by as I do the work and experience more of the MASTERKEY!  It’s quite amazing.  Quite freeing to work through this course.

Can’t wait to see where I am in 14 more weeks!