Press Release


October 2019

Eric and Marina Worre

EmPowering others

Eric and Marina Worre have agreed to come to Harrision, ME to interview Denise Luke.

We sit on this gorgeous sunny Tuesday morning by the water on Long Lake.  It’s unseasonably warm for October.   Eric and Marina are in beach chairs on the dock wearing their bathing suits.  Marina looks stunning with her long blonde hair and her bright pink beautiful one piece and Eric is in light blue Ralph Lauren swim trunks. Denise is sitting on the edge of the dock with her feet in the water wearing her favorite navy one piece swimsuit.

The water is calm today with nary a ripple on the surface.  It is the middle of the week and long past most summer residents’ season so boat traffic is minimal and we enjoy the sounds of nature as we settle in to talk.

Eric and Marina comment on the beautiful setting for this interview:  “Wow!  This place is amazing!  Who knew  just 2 and a half hours out of Boston you could find such a peaceful and tranquil place.  This is spectacular!  How did you find it?”

Denise thanks them for noticing and shares with them how she spent summers here as a kid and essentially grew up here on Long Lake.  This property was purchased by her Grandparents in 1974.  She was able to make one of her dreams come true by purchasing it when it came up for sale a short time ago.

“So,”  Eric and Marina ask.  “How is it you became involved in Network Marketing?”

Denise replies, “It was really not planned.  I was asked to take a look at it for a family member.  I researched the company before a state prelaunch and attended the first ever event for the company in Massachusetts.  I had questions written down and went to the event ready to poke holes in everything they had to say.  I worked in the industry that the company was in and knew the technical aspects already.  What I wanted to get the answers to were some of the business questions and some of their practices.  I attended the event with over 200 other people and was pleasantly surprised by the content.  I found myself checking off my questions one by one as they were answered in the presentation.  Long story short I jumped in and never looked back.”

Marina states, “So you have been in this company for 8 years and you got off to a somewhat slow start.”  She asks, “How were you finally able to make the shift and become the major force that you have become?”

“Well Marina, I really invested in my education.  My Network Marketing education.   Whenever I start something new I like to learn all that I can about it.  I took out books from the library, bought secondhand books from the internet, listened to audios and attended seminars and trainings.  You name it.  If it was out there I went.  I was like a sponge!  But have you ever watched a sponge that you just keep pouring water into?  Eventually, the water stops being absorbed by the sponge and it just pours out and goes down the drain.  That is similar to what happened to me.  I kept learning but I didn’t go out and give my knowledge away.  I never taught it to others, somehow believing that I would have the secret or the advantage over others.  Boy was I wrong.  By hoarding all that information and never applying and sharing any of it I wasn’t opening myself up to growing.  As a result my business was only growing minimally.”

“One day a fellow person in my company shared with me a training on some things that he had learned from Mark J.  I began following Mark J and learned that there were really only 2 courses that he teaches and that you have to earn yourself a spot in these courses and that they only happen once a year.

Fast forward to the Fall of 2016 and I finally got notification that the Master Key Experience was opening up for scholarships and all you had to do was a few simple steps to secure your scholarship.  I was excited but couldn’t believe that it would be free.  I also  was naive.  I had no idea the amount of work both written and personal that was required.  I have to say though that it was that course that changed my life and my business for GOOD.

I had searched and searched, studied and read and attended every seminar you could think of.  I had been searching in the wrong place.  I was searching in the outside world when all along I had carried the solution with me!  Me!  It was Me!  I just had to work on me!  The MKE taught me how to use my own thoughts and subconscious to move me towards what I wanted out of life.  Towards those I wanted to help.  Towards how I wanted to help others.  For surely we cannot receive the good if we cannot give the good to others.”

Eric is stunned!  Almost speechless!  He whips off his sunglasses, “Wow!  It was one simple course that really made the difference in your outcome?  That’s how you built an empire?”

Denise replies, “Well, yes.”

Marina asks, “So what has been the most significant thing that you have been able to accomplish over the last 3 years?”

“Well Marina,” Denise says as she twirls her feet in circles in the water, “over the last few years I have been able to understand how to serve more people.  Whether it is getting to know them for a short while and really listening to them or whether they have joined the business and I was able to help guide them to attain the things that mattered most to them.  I have learned that by truly listening, for understanding and to determine if I can help someone I have really learned how to help myself as a byproduct.  Serving others may be something that others talk about but really going forth with the desire to serve others, the actions of serving them and helping them to discover their strengths does more to help me than I ever could imagine.”

Eric leans forward in his chair and states, “You have led a team of over 60,000 associates to build the lives of their dreams.  Your team boasts over 1000 Millionaire Circle members.  That’s quite an accomplishment.”

“I never set out to create millionaires, Eric.  I set out to help people one at a time and over time it grew until I was able to serve hundreds even thousands at a time.  I am truly blessed to have been able to share what I have learned with others and watch them blossom,” Denise replies.

Marina puts on her sunglasses and says:  “Tell us about the ways that you have served in many nations around the globe and helped to make the environment better.  I have heard a little about these EmPower trips.  What are those?”

“Oh!” Denise exclaims arms moving all around, “Now this is something that is so very dear to my heart!  When I joined network marketing and my company I joined to make some money.  Then I saw that you could make some real money and I wanted to do that.  I chased that dream for a few years and finally figured out with the MKE that I was going about things the wrong way.  I was trying to make things happen on the outside without controlling what was going on on the inside.”  She pauses.  “During my MKE I began to understand the teachings and realize that if I could learn to direct my inner thoughts that they would help take care of my outward actions with ease.”

“I began to realize that there was more to life than chasing after things.  I wanted to experience things.  I wanted to be a part of something.  With the EmPower trips that my company offers I have been able to travel the Globe and give back.  Each of the trips that we have taken have had an underlying mission.  We helped to plant trees in the Amazon Rainforest in Peru on one trip.  We were able to help bring clean water to a portion of the Navajo Nation on another.  We even put solar on homes in a remote village that had never seen electricity before.  So you see I get to give back.  Some call it Voluntourism or Ecotourism.  I call it fun.  More people should do it!  Who knew giving would be so much fun?  It’s amazing what you learn in this life if you just have an open mind.”

“Eric and Marina, If you had told me twenty years ago that this is the direction my life would take I am not sure I would have believed you.  But having lived it I wouldn’t have it any other way!   Helping others get what they want in life has truly helped to improve my life.”

Eric and Marina lean forward and look at each other and then at Denise.  Marina speaks first, “You know, its the same with all the successful people that we meet in Network Marketing.  They learn how to serve others and in the process end up helping themselves.  Giving without expectation opens them up to receiving with gratitude.  Eric and I figured that out ourselves years ago and we love when we hear how others come to the same conclusion.”

“Yeah, Babe,”  Eric says, ” you’re right!  Success leaves clues and the people that we are privileged to interview seem to be finding them everywhere.”

They all decide that the summer sun is starting to become just a tad much and jump in to the lake to cool off.

The interview continues later and Marina and Denise forge a friendship with a deep common bond.